MC-50 Flexion/Distraction & Elevation table

A classic chiropractic table! The MC – 50 is a further refinement of a proven
In its basic configuration the flexion piece can be set at the preferred angle by
raising or lowering the elevation height. (Description)
By adding the optional ‘‘Dynamic Flexion / Distraction’’ the flexion piece returns
to horizontal after being pressed down into flexion.
With many options available the table can be tailormade for a wide range of
chiropractic techniques.

  • Elevation range: 460 – 860 mm.
  • Elevation speed: 40 mm / sec. Lowest to highest position takes 10 seconds.
  • Total length: 1855 mm.
  • Max width: 550 mm.
  • Weight: 140 – 155 kg.
  • Upholstery: 70 mm thick, with a firm layer first and a soft layer on top.
    Covers in vinyl fabric which can be cleaned with disinfectant up to 60%
    alcohol concentration

The MC-50 can be delivered with the following optional equipment

Cervical Drop
Thoracic Drop
Lumbo / Pelvic Drop
Foot operation Thoracic Drop
Foot operation Lumbo / Pelvic Drop
Dynamic Flexion / Distraction
Handle for Flexion / Distraction
Ankle Straps
Leather Upholstery
Headpiece equiped for Paperroll
Elevation control in Headpiece
PVC Cover Type 1
( PVC on top, Vinyl on the sides )

PVC Cover Type 2
( Vinyl on top, PVC on the sides )

Minimum height 460 mm

Maximum height 860 mm

Elevation control on both sides of the table for easy access


Narrow frame with elevation controls mounted on frame gives easy access when standing close to the table.